The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party - 36th Season


Dorr Eddy Designs

Artist in ResidenceDorr Eddy Designs Usher in the holiday season with personalized Christmas ornaments. When Dorr and Stephanie Eddy began making bread dough ornaments in their kitchen in 1972, they had no idea how popular their Christmas tree decorations would become. Today, after more than 44 years, their whimsical little dough ornaments are treasured by children and grownups all over the world! 
Each ornament is an original creation designed by Dorr Eddy. The unique character of each Christmas ornament adds to the style of a completely handmade product. The bright colors and high gloss coating add to the ornament’s attractiveness and durability.



Artist In ResidenceArtisan Flamework (Andre Nigoghossian) Andre creates glass ornaments, vessels, sculpture, and jewelry using the Venetian lampworking method of melting and shaping glass in a torch flame. He specializes in majestic hand-blown ornaments and whimsical figurines of animals, mermaids, and other mythical creatures.


Oudeman Art Glass

Oudeman Art Glass (Mary and Miguel Oudeman) Beautifully hand-crafted stained and beveled glass windows, kaleidoscopes, ornaments, and unique gift items. Custom glass designs and restoration work also available.

Artist In Residence


Pale Moon Ornaments

Pale Moon (Heidi Barthelemy) Unique hand-carved bone & horn jewelry, beautiful hand-cast ornaments & mirrors, hand-pressed cards, and Tarot jewelry. For over 40 years Christopher Miller and Gino Schavone's handcrafted items have been a trademark of the Patterson Fairs. The extraordinary quality shines brightly in the Dickens Fair setting, continuing this tradition of excellence!

Artist In Residence


Yanna Porcelain Sculpture

Yanna Porcelain Sculpture (Yanna Weinheimer) Meticulously sculpted porcelain beasties, from the familiar to the exotic, will enchant all recipients. Ornaments can also be custom crafted from photos.

Artist In Residence


Children's Painting Garden

Children's Painting Garden (Rebecca Love) A veritable storybook of handmade, collectible ceramic shapes created to paint upon. A delightful ornament for your tree or to give as a gift - and an activity for both the young and the young at heart!

Artist In Residence


Victorian Whimsies


Artist In ResidenceVictorian Whimsies (Joanne Hunot)
My heirloom quality ornaments are made with many of the same old-fashioned materials used in Victorian times. Multiple layers of paper “scraps,” embossed metallic foils, paper lace, angel hair, crushed glass glitter, and silk ribbon are all used to create these stunning Holiday decorations! Stop by and select the perfect ornament to become part of your holiday tradition.

 New this Year!


B & P Confectionary & Toy Shoppe (Boucher & Patterson) A distinguished establishment catering to those looking for sweets and treasures for both the young and young at heart.

We aspire to provide our customers with quality, imported confections that will surely bring joy to even the most discerning palette. The establishment is run by Mrs. Truly S. Boucher and her partners, Mr. A. Patter and Mr. M. Son, long time local merchants and proprietors of all things sweet, tasty and indulgent.

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