The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party - 38th Annual
Nov 21-Dec 20, 2020, 10am-7pm Cow Palace Exhibition Halls, San Francisco
The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party - 38th Annual


Shop the Dickens Fair OnlinePurchase one-of-a-kind treasures online directly from Dickens Fair artisans!

Each of the vendors on this page has an online shop, or can accommodate your orders via phone or email contact. Their websites are also linked within the merchant category pages.

We encourage you to support the Dickens Christmas Fair arts community by bringing into your world these unique wares handcrafted by generations of talented and dedicated craftspeople.

Apothecaries & Emporiums


Wormwood's Workhouse (Sidney Rice) Make your way to Wormwood's Workhouse and see what Washwares & Wickwares are new this year! Only the finest vegetable ingredients are used for Vegan Soappes, Powder-Finish Lotions, Bath & Body Oils, Refreshing Spritzers, Bathing Barrel Salts, and other Grooming Products!

Collections include: The Ash & Soot Soappes - London's Charcoal Street Soappes, The Witchwashwares - for all the Magical Folk - inspired by Harry Potter, and The Catterie Collection - feline inspired recipes to benefit London's Alley Cats!

Have someone naughty on your list? Then picking up a lump or two of Chimney Sweep's Coal Soappe, or even a Troll Booger, is a must! Wilamina Wormwood works her unfortunate orphans to the bone to bring you the finest Bathing Blends this Holiday Season!

Our washwares & wickwares are available online at



Blythe Spirits (Donna Larson) It is well worth remembering that cleanliness is essential when Godliness is improbable! Fine hand-made soaps and emollients for the face and body. These exceptional products are unsurpassed in purity and distinguished for their extremely gentle and soothing effects on the skin. No effort has been spared to bring our customers the finest goods that are well-known to both city dweller and our esteemed country cousins The best and rarest ingredients are artfully combined to create a sensuous experience not be be duplicated! It is without reservation that we recommend these emollients to the most discerning of our citizenry.

Our soaps, lotions & cremes, and fragranced oils are listed on our website, Please email me at [email protected] or phone me at (818) 348-1486 to place your order. I will respond promptly with the total amount due (including tax and shipping costs) and payment options.



Wicked Whimsy (Etain Wilday) In my travels throughout the world I have searched for only the finest of the arcane. The products I bring to you have graced the highest courts and been sought by the noblest of patrons. Be they spells or potion, ingredients for your own works, or for something to brighten an otherwise dull existence; Wicked Whimsy has something for all occasions!

Crafted with love and humor, these highest quality curio are available online at


Farthingales Supplies

Farthingale’s (O’Hare): Purveyor of fine fabrics, books, and notions. The shop for those who fancy themselves in a new ensemble made by hand. Peruse the patterns and touch the fabrics for your next creation.

Our products are available on our website at

Also look for special fabric yardage offerings posted on our Farthingale Enterprises Facebook page.

Midnight Moon lavender

Midnight Moon Apothecary (Maglinte): Step inside our shop and let your senses be filled with the scents of homegrown lavender, the finest perfume oils, and lovely China Rose lace and velvet sachets. We make artisan quality small batch medicinals including healing salves, herbal remedies, and a fragrant line of bath and body care products including our popular facial moisturizers. All are made with the finest ingredients, and wildcrafted herbs. And for the gents: Mustache wax, Beard oil, and fragrant West Indies Bay Rum aftershave. For bird and nature lovers we have framed prints, botanical illustrations, and handmade bird ornaments.

When we are not at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair, please visit our shop at

Our Garden plaques can be found at

We look forward to serving you!

Arts & Literature

Whispers from the Past

Whispers from the Past (Claudia Swanson-Cain) Returning to London again with the finest of fanciful fairies, delightful gnomes, ravishing mermaids, delightful tree house abodes for fairies and hobbits alike, as well as unsavory trolls, pirates and rogues, and other ethereal creatures from the Emerald Isles.

Kits and Santas will soon be available on my Etsy shop, Cookies8487.

Silhouettes by Jordan

Silhouettes by Jordan (Jordan Monsell) Traditional and simple yet full of character, silhouettes recapture a piece of the past and remain the charming form of portraiture that has delighted generations. The process takes only 5 minutes and can be done from photos as well as by sitting for the artist in person at the event.

Silhouettes and Illustration art are available online in Jordan's Etsy shop at

Ceramics & Glass


Artisan Flamework (Andre Nigoghossian) Andre creates glass ornaments, vessels, sculpture, and jewelry using the Venetian lampworking method of melting and shaping glass in a torch flame. He specializes in majestic hand-blown ornaments and whimsical figurines of animals, mermaids, and other mythical creatures.

Andre's creations are available online at


Schulps Pottery

Schulps Pottery and Knives (Georgia Schulps) Beautiful and unique handmade mugs, vases, bowls, platters and knives, from three generations of potters. All of our pottery is microwave, oven, and dishwasher-safe.

Our one-of-a-kind creations are available online at

Clothing & Accessories

Dark Garden Unique Corsetry

Dark Garden is represented at The Great Dickens Christmas Fair with The Windows of Dark Garden, where beautifully corseted men and women continue to model the exquisite fashions of corsetry made famous by Dark Garden. You may purchase their wares at their San Francisco boutique at 321 Linden St. "Our Hayes Valley shop is where the magic happens, where corset dreams are created and come alive. Here you can walk in any day of the week and try on an overbust or underbust corset in any size or be measured for a bespoke corset. Peruse our curated selection of clothing, jewelry, and locally made fine millinery, all selected to please a nostalgic lover of beauty.” - Autumn Adamme


Shuttle Creek Weaving

Shuttle Creek Weaving (Annie Fischer) Shuttle Creek Weaving weaves comfortable cotton clothing by hand in inspired color motifs for truly wearable art.

Our collection of handwoven coats, jackets, ruanas, shawls and vests is available online at



PiumaMia Feather Creations (Antonella Catalano) Fantastic feather creations and wearable art by a Florentine artist.

Our unique  fascinators, fairy crowns, clips, and headdresses are available online at


Alan Jeffries Gentlemens Apparel

Mr. Alan Jeffries - Fine Gentlemen's Apparel (Jeffrey Schoenberg) Everything for the man of distinction, from cloaks to cufflinks, shirts to shoes, collars to cravats. A proper bespoke tailor of fine clothing, offering ready-to-wear and custom-made fashions. Tailoring and alterations available by appointment.

Browse our fashions online at, and inquire about current fabric selections and bespoke service.


Blue Moon Designs

Blue Moon Designs (Katherine Becvar) Featuring fashionable, functional accessories for ladies and gentlemen. Our fancy yet practical cloth chatelaines, utility bustles, and shoulder holsters are uniquely handcrafted from cast-off and recycled materials, creating an elegant and eclectic complement to your favorite attire.

Discover our fashionable utility accessories online at


SamiahsCaravan coat

Samiah’s Caravan (Antley): Exquisite garments handcrafted with the finest materials. Whether you need an overcoat for walking the streets of London, a tailcoat for a visit to the Opera, or a pirate frock coat for a fancy dress ball, we can help you bring your fantasy to life.

Find our distinctive, regal designs online at

Food & Drink

2 English Ladies

Two English Ladies (Bob Holdstock) A mother-daughter team born right here in England, specializing in traditional cream tea products:

  • Lemon curd; orange, lime and apple cinnamon curd
  • Traditional scone mixes
  • Shortbread
  • Royal cream (our version of clotted cream)
  • Specialty tea

Take home everything you will need for an authentic English Cream Tea to have with family and friends; everything is made according to original English recipes!

Our delicious products are available for purchase online at



London’s Finest Cakes & Puddings/Artisan Candies (Kristen and Dean Scott) All of our cakes are made from scratch and are perfect for serving at your next holiday meal or giving as gifts to friends. We use only the finest ingredients to create tasty, mouth-watering cakes including:

  • Rum Cake
  • Irish Whisky Cake
  • Scottish Whisky Cake
  • Lemon Tea Cake
  • And the celebrated English Christmas Pudding!

We also offer our handmade fruit mince (also known as mincemeat), and cranberry mince, perfect for making mincemeat tarts and pies, and serving at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Come by for a sample!

Our cakes, as well as our other sweet treats, are available online at


Pale MoonPale Moon Ornaments

Pale Moon (Heidi Barthelemy) Unique hand-carved bone & horn jewelry, beautiful hand-cast ornaments & mirrors, hand-pressed cards, and Tarot jewelry. For over 40 years Christopher Miller and Gino Schavone's handcrafted items have been a trademark of the Patterson Fairs. The extraordinary quality shines brightly in the Dickens Fair setting, continuing this tradition of excellence!

Shop Pale Moon creations online at:


Benitez Jewelers

Benitez Jewelers (Steve & Benita Benitez) Our gold and silver art-based jewelery creations in the style of Art Nouveau are individually hand built. We have been creating this metal art for 45 years.

View our collections of rings, pendants, earrings, and wedding sets at, where you will also find contact information for ordering.


Astrolabes and Puzzle Rings

Astrolabes & Puzzle Rings (Norman Greene) The best and largest selection ever seen of navigational instruments from the age of exploration - learn how to sail on the high seas. Specializing in puzzle rings and astrolabes - my shop was recently featured on the Science Channel show "How It's Made," so come to see fabulous trinkets available nowhere else!

My ring and astrolabe designs, order form, and FAQ are online at



Trance*Formation (Sue Vaughn-Thompson) Handmade, high quality, fine and fun jewelry. Celtic and Nature inspired wedding rings and statement rings. Come and see one-of-a-kind pendants and magic charms, and pearl and gemstone earrings. Home of the original Ear Spirals.

Peruse our current creations available for purchase on Facebook at



Time Trinkets (Arynne Elfenbein) Handmade adornments for the amusement and delight of fashionable ladies and gentlemen... pendants, hair combs, earrings, brooches and hat pins, cravat pins, cuff links, watch fobs and badges. Dickensian themes of passing time, the novelty of scientific illustration, and the gears that keep the ‘Wheels of Industry’ moving, are all represented. Each creation is a collage of metal bits and pieces, some with intricate antique watch parts, or dragonflies, butterflies and bees atop delicate brass and silver filigree.

Find our unique designs on Etsy at


Serendipity Leather

Serendipity Leather (Sara Feldkamp) Proudly offering Oberon Design leather & pewter handmade locally. Wallets, belts, handbags, iPod and Kindle covers, journals, and personal accessories are adorned with Celtic, Art Nouveau, and Naturalistic images. Timeless pewter treasures adorn hair, neck and ears in most excellent style.  Venetian glass pens, ink, seals & sealing wax complete a desk set that Mr. Dickens himself would be proud to own.

Shop Oberon Design online at



Mischief Masks (Shannon Morgan) Fine Leather Masks for all occasions. Our philosophy is to imbue elegance, durability, and comfort into every piece we make. Seek out your inner persona and express it outwardly. Are you a fairy, mermaid, animal, or some other divine creature? Let your imagination run wild and embark on an epic adventure with confidence and the right mask for the quest at hand.

Shop Mischief Masks online at A portion of all sales go towards materials for hospital masks and shields to fight Covid-19.

Metal, Stone & Wood

Fellowship Foundry

Fellowship Foundry (Randal Moore) Heirloom-quality pewter handmade in the Bay Area, from wax design to final hand polishing. Since our beginning in 1978, the combined talents of Master Pewtersmith Randal Moore and our artist Kevin O'Hare have continued to create wonderful designs. They wrangle first over the idea, then sketches, then the wax sculpture until they are both satisfied. We make a metal "master" from the wax, and continue through many steps before we have a finished design. Because we make it all by hand, there are small differences between every single piece.

Fellowship Foundry's distinctive wares can be found online at


Singletree Celtic Design

SingleTree Celtic Design (Paul Reeves) Unique gifts of the finest quality for ladies and gentlemen, from silver hair spirals to pewter flasks. Paul has been designing and making quality crafts for over 35 years. He works directly from ancient and historical sources to create original designs and a timeless feel. His unique etching process enables him to transfer the most intricate designs into silver, bronze and other alloys. Paul's work has been admired and purchased by the Art Institute of Chicago, M.H. de Young Museum, York Archeological Trust, Greenpeace (UK), the British Museum, and countless other retail outlets over the years.

SingleTree's creations can be found online at


Dangerous Puppets

Dangerous Puppets (Darren Way) Carved Wooden Marionettes, Toys, and Oddities of all kinds, including armatures for stop motion filming. "These Puppets Are Dangerous!"

Dangerous Puppet's Etsy shop may be found at You may also contact artist Darren Way for custom orders, either through Etsy or his website


Whirlwind Magic Wands

Whirlwood Magic Wands (Gary Hall)  Beautifully handcrafted wands for the magician in everyone. Whirlwood Magic Wands are real magic wands of the highest reputation - world-renowned for their great power, beauty, elegance, and fine craftsmanship. Whether you are a discriminating collector or a practitioner, you will find the perfect magic wand at Whirlwood. Should you choose a Whirlwood Magic Wand, I personally guarantee your satisfaction. I do not want a patron, armed with one of my wands, to be angry with me for any reason.

Magicians ~ and those who aspire to magic ~ may find my wands online at The largest selection of hand-carved, hardwood Magic Wands in the galaxy!



Paradox Creations (Jason Watkins): A variety of gorgeous and unique wooden boxes that feature innovative ways of opening and closing.  From delicate boxes that open to look like a flower, to a puzzle box that will baffle the brain.

Paradox Creations' one-of-a-kind boxes and other marvellous wares may be found online at


McPherson Knives

McPherson Knives (McPherson): Handmade and custom knives. From hand-forged Damascus steel to hand-ground blades, using exotic and durable materials from around the world.

McPherson Knives knives, tools, and other implements of wonder may be found online at

Toys & Ornaments

Dorr Eddy Designs

Calliope Designs (William Eddy)

Hand-crafted Christmas ornaments all designed to be personalized to your order. Family, Baby, Wedding, Pet and many other designs. A Dickens Fair tradition since 1972!

Calliope Design's personalized ornaments are available online at



Artisan Flamework (Andre Nigoghossian) Andre creates glass ornaments, vessels, sculpture, and jewelry using the Venetian lampworking method of melting and shaping glass in a torch flame. He specializes in majestic hand-blown ornaments and whimsical figurines of animals, mermaids, and other mythical creatures.

Andre's flameworked glass sculpture, ornaments, and vessels are available online at


Oudeman Art Glass

Oudeman Art Glass (Mary and Miguel Oudeman) Beautifully hand-crafted stained and beveled glass windows, kaleidoscopes, ornaments, and unique gift items. Custom glass designs and restoration work also available.

Visit the Oudeman Art Glass Online Studio at

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