The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party


Fellowship Foundry

Fellowship Foundry (Randal Moore) Heirloom-quality pewter handmade in the Bay Area, from wax design to final hand polishing. Since our beginning in 1978, the combined talents of Master Pewtersmith Randal Moore and our artist Kevin O'Hare have continued to create wonderful designs. They wrangle first over the idea, then sketches, then the wax sculpture until they are both satisfied. We make a metal "master" from the wax, and continue through many steps before we have a finished design. Because we make it all by hand, there are small differences between every single piece.

Fellowship Foundry's distinctive wares can be found online at


Singletree Celtic Design

SingleTree Celtic Design (Paul Reeves) Unique gifts of the finest quality, from silver hair spirals to pewter flasks. Paul has been designing and making quality crafts for over 35 years. He works directly from ancient and historical sources to create original designs and a timeless feel. His unique etching process enables him to transfer the most intricate designs into silver, bronze and other alloys. Paul's work has been admired and purchased by the Art Institute of Chicago, M.H. de Young Museum, York Archeological Trust, Greenpeace (UK), the British Museum, and countless other retail outlets over the years.

SingleTree's creations can be found online at


Daylight Artworks

Wood Stone Leather & Bone (MacEwan) We sell beautiful hand-made oak night and tea lights on different colored agate rocks. We also sell oak wood journals and the famous bone pins made from buffalo bone. We use only the finest quality materials to create our unique wares. Please come by and see for yourself. We also do custom orders.

Our crafts can be found online at:


Ballena Bay Pewtersmiths

Ballena Bay Pewtersmiths (Kary & Rollie Rivas) Welcome to our Pewter Shop! We are a second generation, family-made pewter studio. Our designs are unique and unusual, made from the finest quality lead-free pewter. The business started in 1973 in San Francisco and now continues to be made in the deserts of Arizona. As one of the last remaining pewtersmiths in the New World (America), we invite you to stop by our London Shop this season and tip your hat to the industrious pewter apprentices!


Dangerous Puppets

Dangerous Puppets (Darren Way) Carved Wooden Marionettes, Toys, and Oddities of all kinds, including armatures for stop motion filming. "These Puppets Are Dangerous!"

Dangerous Puppet's Etsy shop may be found at You may also contact artist Darren Way for custom orders, either through Etsy or his website


Whirlwind Magic Wands

Whirlwood Magic Wands (Gary Hall)  Beautifully handcrafted wands for the magician in everyone. Whirlwood Magic Wands are real magic wands of the highest reputation - world-renowned for their great power, beauty, elegance, and fine craftsmanship. Whether you are a discriminating collector or a practitioner, you will find the perfect magic wand at Whirlwood. Should you choose a Whirlwood Magic Wand, I personally guarantee your satisfaction. I do not want a patron, armed with one of my wands, to be angry with me for any reason.

Magicians ~ and those who aspire to magic ~ may find my wands online at The largest selection of hand-carved, hardwood Magic Wands in the galaxy!


Madera Cup Company

Madera Cup Company (Brian Warner) Fully functional wooden drinking vessels. Each handcrafted cup is constructed from exotic and domestic woods picked for their color and beauty. They are turned on a lathe, then coated with a food-grade epoxy resin to protect the wood from any beverage, hot or cold. These mugs and goblets are built to last a lifetime.


Paradox Creations (Jason Watkins): A variety of gorgeous and unique wooden boxes that feature innovative ways of opening and closing.  From delicate boxes that open to look like a flower, to a puzzle box that will baffle the brain.

Explore our wares at!



McPherson Knives

McPherson Knives (McPherson): Handmade and custom knives. From hand-forged Damascus steel to hand-ground blades, using exotic and durable materials from around the world.

McPherson Knives' knives, tools, and other implements of wonder may be found online at


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