The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party - 36th Season


Pale Moon

Pale Moon (Heidi Barthelemy) Unique hand-carved bone & horn jewelry, beautiful hand-cast ornaments & mirrors, hand-pressed cards, and Tarot jewelry. For over 40 years Christopher Miller and Gino Schavone's handcrafted items have been a trademark of the Patterson Fairs. The extraordinary quality shines brightly in the Dickens Fair setting, continuing this tradition of excellence!

Artist In Residence


Benitez Jewelers

Artist In Residence

Benitez Jewelers (Steve & Benita Benitez) Each piece of Jewelry is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted by the Artists in a stylization of Victorian and Art Nouveau.


Astrolabes and Puzzle Rings

 Artist In Residence

Astrolabes & Puzzle Rings (Norman Greene) The best and largest selection ever seen of navigational instruments from the age of exploration - learn how to sail on the high seas. Specializing in puzzle rings and astrolabes - my shop was recently featured on the Science Channel show "How It's Made," so come to see fabulous trinkets available nowhere else!



Trance*Formation (Sue Thompson) is a single-owner business that makes beautiful handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry including custom wedding rings, Magic talismans, and beautiful silver and natural gemstone rings. Come see my elegant spiral earrings 100% handmade from sterling silver and gold and 14k gold fill.

Artist In Residence


Taylor Jewelry

Taylor Jewelry (P and M Taylor) Taylor Jewelry is uniquely handcrafted and finely detailed in distinctive combinations of gold and sterling silver.

Artist In Residence



Artist In Residence

Real Rose Jewelry (Betty St. Clair) Nature's own roses help create this enchanting antique-like 'fleur to wear'.  A 25-day, 5-stage preserving and hardening process transforms the delicate beauty of roses into a wearable treasure.


Book Earrings

Artist In Residence

Book Earrings (Thomas, Tanya Cothran) Calling all book lovers! Earrings with handmade miniature books are the perfect gift for the book lover, librarian, or teacher in your life. We have book earrings, pins, tie tacks, necklaces, bookmarks, and ornaments, each with tiny blank pages of handmade paper. And look no further for more holiday decorations! We now feature hand-embroidered, Dickens and Christmas themed hoop-art.



Artist In Residence

Time Trinkets (Arynne Elfenbein) Handmade adornments for the amusement and delight of fashionable ladies and gentlemen... pendants, hair combs, earrings, brooches and hat pins, cravat pins, cuff links and badges. Dickensian themes of the passage of time, the gears that keep the ‘Wheels of Industry’ moving, and the novelty of scientific illustration. Each creation is a collage of metal bits and pieces, some with intricate antique watch parts, or with dragonflies, butterflies and bees atop delicate brass and silver.

I hope you will find your way through the busy streets of London to Time Trinkets, so you can see what I have created for you!



Artist In Residence

Coin Strike (Michael Stewart) Choose your two favorite designs from over one hundred and have a coin or medallion struck in your presence!


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