The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party


Pale Moon

Pale Moon (Heidi Barthelemy) Unique hand-carved bone & horn jewelry, beautiful hand-cast ornaments & mirrors, hand-pressed cards, and Tarot & beaded jewelry. For over 50 years Christopher Miller and Gino Schiavone's unique handcrafted items have been a trademark of the Patterson Fairs. Our extraordinary qualities shine brightly in the Dickens Fair setting, continuing this tradition of excellence! Peruse both our sister-websites for Unique & Elegantly Beaded, Whimsically Wearable Handcrafted Art & Gifts usually found in my Pale Moon Booth at Dickens Fair:
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Schiavone Carson 2022 Brass PinThe 2022 brass pin design by Gino Schiavone, featuring art by Don Carson, is available at Pale Moon


Benitez Jewelers

Benitez Jewelers (Steve & Benita Benitez) Our gold and silver art-based jewelery creations in the style of Art Nouveau are individually hand built. We have been creating this metal art for 45 years.

View our collections of rings, pendants, earrings, and wedding sets at, where you will also find contact information for ordering.


Astrolabes and Puzzle Rings

Astrolabes & Puzzle Rings (Norman Greene) The best and largest selection ever seen of navigational instruments from the age of exploration - learn how to sail on the high seas. Specializing in puzzle rings and astrolabes - my shop was recently featured on the Science Channel show "How It's Made," so come to see fabulous trinkets available nowhere else!

My ring and astrolabe designs, order form, and FAQ are online at



Trance*Formation (Sue Vaughn-Thompson) Handmade, high quality, fine and fun jewelry. Celtic and Nature inspired wedding rings and statement rings. Come and see one-of-a-kind pendants and magic charms, and pearl and gemstone earrings. Home of the original Ear Spirals.

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fleur du jour 2020

Real Rose Jewelry by Fleur du Jour (Betty St. Clair) Nature's own roses helped create this enchanting antique-like "fleur-to-wear." A twenty-five day, five-stage preserving and hardening process transforms the delicate beauty of roses into a wearable treasure.

For more Eye Catching Fleur-to-Wear pendant and earring designs, please visit us at   

Or contact us at [email protected].  Happy Holidays!



Time Trinkets (Arynne Elfenbein) Handmade adornments for the amusement and delight of fashionable ladies and gentlemen... pendants, hair combs, earrings, brooches and hat pins, cravat pins, cuff links, watch fobs and badges. Dickensian themes of passing time, the novelty of scientific illustration, and the gears that keep the ‘Wheels of Industry’ moving, are all represented. Each creation is a collage of metal bits and pieces, some with intricate antique watch parts, or dragonflies, butterflies and bees atop delicate brass and silver filigree.

Find our unique designs on Etsy at



Coin Strike (Marc Powers) Hand-struck medallions - choose any two designs and have them made for you in person! Over 100 designs to choose from. Come and see what is made when you hear someone shout, "STRIKING!"

New This Year!

Natalies Jewels

Natalie's Jewels (Natalie Kopacz, Jon “Pirate” Andonie) Inspired by the Queen’s Jewels, artist Natalie works with precious and semi-precious stones, natural pearls, precious metals, silk, and treasures to bring body adornment into your wardrobe. Each piece is handcrafted and designed by the artist. Come bejewel yourself with treasures from her personal collection. You can also bring a treasure of your own to our shop and the artist will custom design a work of art for you to come back for (delivery by pony mail also available with prepayment).

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