The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party


Dark Garden Unique Corsetry

Dark Garden continues to be a part of our larger community. You may purchase their wares at their San Francisco boutique at 321 Linden St. "Our Hayes Valley shop is where the magic happens, where corset dreams are created and come alive. Here you can walk in any day of the week and try on an overbust or underbust corset in any size or be measured for a bespoke corset. Peruse our curated selection of clothing, jewelry, and locally made fine millinery, all selected to please a nostalgic lover of beauty.” - Autumn Adamme


Madame Louise's Fashion Accessories

Madame Louise's Fashion Accessories (Lynn Combs) Madame Louise carries fine wool bonnets and hats, purses and reticules, Medici and Swiss belts, full skirts, shawls and capelets, handkerchiefs and gloves, hatpins, chatelaines, and sewing tools. We have many unique handmade items and those special accessories you need to complete your fashionable outfit.

We are open to custom items. Contact us through, or directly by email at [email protected]


Velvet Bedlam Clothing

Velvet Bedlam (Don & Andrea Thompson) From gowns to skirts to saucy lingerie, from capes to coats for all, from velvets and silks and colorful cottons, we design and make a beautiful wardrobe for discerning adults and lovely children. Come enjoy our friendliness and cheer!

Velvet Bedlam


Shuttle Creek Weaving

Shuttle Creek Weaving (Annie Fischer) Shuttle Creek Weaving weaves comfortable cotton clothing by hand in inspired color motifs for truly wearable art.

Our collection of handwoven coats, jackets, ruanas, shawls and vests is available online at


Holzer and Combe Haberdashery

Holzer & Combe Haberdashery (Lynn Combs & Larry Holzer)
Manager, Mr. G. Vincent
The Haberdashery is a full service Clothing Store. We specialize in ready-to-wear gentleperson’s attire with a 19th Century flair. We carry everything from “Hats to Spats". The Hab carries a full range of bowlers, top hats, vests, cravats, frock, tail & morning coats, pants, spats, canes, pocket watches and a sword or two.

Requests for unique items can be discussed. We love to look for just the right item! 

Please contact us for assistance with your Victorian attire through, or directly by email at [email protected]



PiumaMia Feather Creations (Antonella Catalano) Fantastic feather finery. Where creativity, artistry, and talent meet with love, Antonella brings exclusively to London for Christmas her wearable art, from simple adornments to fancy, amazing, striking, artistic statements. Find what fits your feather fantasies and celebrate!

Feathered Clothing Accessories 


Rosie's Posies

Rosie's Posies (Rosie Echelmeier) The discriminating customer will find an ornate and tasteful headpiece to suit the season to complete an exciting costume or newly chosen holiday wardrobe for yourself or for gift-giving.

Our fine products are also available at our online Etsy shop, Spirit of the Goddess, including metal crowns and circlets with and without gemstones, and our signature floral garlands. We continue to create wonderful holiday fascinators and seasonal headpieces for adults and children.

Note: In our Spirit of the Goddess Etsy shop, the "Dickens Holiday" section features the holiday and New Year's designs we offer at the Dickens Fair. Please visit us on Etsy and let us offer you only the best in quality, creativity and fashion!

Rosie would love for you to contact her with any questions or inquiries concerning purchases at [email protected]


Thaddeus Pumblechooks Scarves

Thaddeus Pumblechooks Exotic Scarves (Sergei Trubetzkoy) Fine scarves of silk, cotton, and pashmina brought from afar.


Blue Moon Designs

Blue Moon Designs (Katherine Becvar)

Featuring fashionable, functional accessories for everyBODY. Our fancy yet practical pocket belts, utility bustles, pocket shrugs, and shoulder holsters are uniquely handcrafted from cast-off and recycled materials, creating an elegant and empowering addition to your favorite attire.

Discover our fashionable utility accessories online at.


Nana's Nursery

Nana's Nursery (Douglas and Catherine Gaston) At Nana's Nursery we outfit your newborns until they are ready to leave the nursery for the ballroom. We carry everything from frocks for work and play to those for special calls and occasions, suits, gowns, bonnets, caps, pinafores, pantaloons, petticoats, and more. Nana's Nursery carries size newborn through children's size fourteen (14). We offer beautifully crafted, American-made reproductions for all the children in your discerning Victorian family.



Primrose Parlour (Jennifer Landon)  "Where you will find that which you had not thought to look for"  Primrose Parlour invites you in. Enter and discover hats with Victorian influences filtered through a modern sensibility. From elaborate fascinators to simple hats of exotic fabrics, from practical items for everyday wear to ones with a theatrical narrative. We have what your head wants and your heart desires!


SamiahsCaravan coat

Samiah’s Caravan (Antley): Exquisite garments handcrafted with the finest materials. Whether you need an overcoat for walking the streets of London, a tailcoat for a visit to the Opera, or a pirate frock coat for a fancy dress ball, we can help you bring your fantasy to life.

New This Year!

Time Traveler carpet bags and reticules

Time Traveler (Michele Edler) Time Traveler makes quality Carpet bags, Reticules, and Victorian collars. Our carpet bags are a wonderful addition to any occasion, traveling for the weekend, or for walking the streets of London. We have beautifully decorated reticules for those who need a daintier purse, and hand-crocheted Victorian collars to finish off your outfit with that last bit of sparkle for your day out.

Discover our wares online at:


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