The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party - 36th Season


Whispers from the Past

Whispers from the Past (Claudia Swanson-Cain) Returning to London again with the finest of fanciful fairies, delightful gnomes, ravishing mermaids, delightful tree house abodes for fairies and hobbits alike, as well as unsavory trolls, pirates and rogues, and other ethereal creatures from the Emerald Isles.

Artist In Residence


Nuyens Art Studio

Nuyens Art Studio (Louis Nuyens) Louis has been creating the finest classical pastel portraits for over forty years. His drawings, created in minutes on the spot, feature uncanny likenesses and emotional expressiveness. For thousands of fair goers over the years, a visit to the portrait studio is a must, where one can watch masterpieces taking place throughout the day. Also displayed for sale are Louis' fine paintings of sailing ships and small oils.

Artist In Residence


Mrs Piper's Photo Parlour

Mrs. Piper's Photo Parlour (Alwyn L'hoir) What character would you choose to be in old London? Step into Mrs. Piper's Photo Parlour and find out. From the sublime to the saucy, our well-trained staff can outfit you in style, and you will carry home a delightful photographic memento of Victorian England. Photographer to the royal family for more than 35 years, Mrs. Piper continues to create unique portraiture.

Artist In Residence


Fitz-Gerald Manor Shop

Fitz-Gerald Manor Shop (Gerald Webb) Like being invited into a treasured personal library... the beautiful collection of unique bindings, poetry and antique maps reflects the discriminating taste of the proprietor.

Artist In Residence


Fiddles N' Such

Artist In Residence

Fiddles N' Such (Steve Joynes) Step back in time into an Old English Violinmaker's shop and music emporium. Witness up close the handcraftsmanship of making a fine instrument. Browse through an assortment of violins and bows, violas, cellos, concertinas, lutes and other stringed instruments.



The Curious Wonder Cabinet


Artist In Residence


The Curious Wonder Cabinet (Jonna Hayden) Staffed by a collective of eccentric artisans making crafts and keepsakes unique to the Great Dickens Christmas Fair, The Curious Wonder Cabinet presents fine potions, odd small creatures, period shoulder capes, ornaments, pretty pin cushions, and sundries to delight all.


Silhouettes by Jordan

Artist In Residence

Silhouettes by Jordan (Jordan Monsell) Traditional and simple yet full of character, silhouettes recapture a piece of the past and remain the charming form of portraiture that has delighted generations. The process takes only 5 minutes and can be done from photos as well as by sitting for the artist in person at the event.


Portsmouth Square Numismatics & Timepieces (Scott Griffin) Authentic presentation boxes and frames containing 100+ year old coins, stamps and other interesting items like maps and British-themed images. Beautiful functioning 100+ year old pocket watches with chains and sterling silver trinkets.

New This Year!

DF18 Hammond Landau

Artist In Residence

Hammond Handspun & Wool Arts (Hammond): Watch as the artist turns fleece into yarn! From fleece to fiber, discover a colorful soft yarn for your next project. Peruse the colorful art quilts made with wool for your wall or the playful colorful trees and table mats all from wool dyed and felted by the Artist in residence.


Farthingales Supplies

Artist In Residence

Farthingale’s (O’Hare): Purveyor of fine fabrics, books, and notions. The shop for those who fancy themselves in a new ensemble made by hand. Peruse the patterns and touch the fabrics for your next creation!

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