The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party


Children's Painting Garden (Rebecca Love Studios) Introducing The Paint Box, complete with shapes, brushes, ribbons, paints, mixing cups, instructions and a jolly good time!!! A Christmas treat as a family activity for both young and the young at heart!
Each shape is handmade, collectible, and a veritable storybook of delightful creations to hang as ornaments for your tree or to give as a gift. There are several themed Paint Boxes to choose from!



Adorn Thy Hair

Adorn Thy Hair aka Madame Louise's School for Lady's Maids (Lynn Combs) Manager, Miss Brenda
French braids and romantic one-of-a-kind updos that transform your visit to the Fair. For both long and not-so-very-long hair, our talented hair braiders can produce a masterpiece for any occasion. From weddings and proms to a blind date or a day at the Dickens Fair,  braids are appropriate for any event. Adorn Thy Hair offers a unique alternative to hairdryers and curlers - unlike modern styling practices, our braiding magic makes use of the natural beauty of your hair.


Mama Mambo's Tarot

Mama Mambo's Tarot (Katie Heflin) Katie "Mambo" is a gifted psychic reader, spiritual healer and compassionate counselor who has dedicated over 40 years to helping her clients in all areas of their lives. A reading with "Mambo" is an enlightening and uplifting experience that will enhance your life.


Portraits by Louis Nuyens

Portraits (Louis Nuyens) Pose for a portrait by the master himself to create a timeless memento.


Dickens Fair Dart Parlour

The Dart Parlour (Patterson) Hire a lane and ‘ave a game with a friend or two. Play classics like 301, 501 or Cricket. Darts provided or bring your own. Bring a pint of your favorite beverage from Prince Edwards Pub and try your hand! No children under 12 please.


Paint Roses Red

Paint the Roses Red (Patterson) Grab a paint brush and come help us paint the roses red before the Queen arrives in this charming game of flipping the roses from white to red!


Boot the Cat

Boot the Cat (Michael Patterson) Wield an old boot against that pesky alley cat on the back fence and win!


Flip A Sweep

Flip a Sweep (Al Bertini) Up and at 'em! Flip the chimney sweep dolls toward the townhouse chimney tops - if they land inside, you win a prize!


Corinthian Rose Sporting Club

Corinthian Rose Sporting Club (Greg Pursley) Come and join the members of the Corinthian Rose Sporting Club as they open their doors to teach the noble art of Fencing. Beginners to advance students, children to seniors are all welcome!


Adventure Carousel

The Adventure Carousel (Michael Patterson) Pick your favorite animal for an adventurous ride on this hand-made, hand-powered children's carousel!



Fairy House Activity Area

Fairy House Activity Area, brought to you by Claudia Swanson, proprietress of Whispers from the Past. A beautiful, hands-on craft area  for you to enjoy creating your very own Fairy House to take home or gift to a very special person on your holiday list.

Sullivans Print Shop

The London Printer (Sharon Sullivan) Come by and see how printing was done in the mid to late 1800s. Featuring an authentic 1860s printing press!

Photo by Philip Pavliger


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