The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party

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(Listed by publisher. Out-of-print patterns may be available second-hand on sites such as Amazon, eBay or Etsy.)


Female Presenting Patterns
3727  -  Blue plaid jacket and skirt

Male Presenting Patterns
2895  -  Men's frock coat, shirt and vest (vest will need to have bottom squared off)

Discontinued/Out of Print (patterns may still available thru the Simplicity website, or second-hand on Amazon, eBay or Etsy)
2887 - Green dress
9768 - Corset, chemise & drawers
4900 - Winter white jacket & skirt
5726 - Chemise, corset & petticoat
7215 - Chemise and corset
9761 - Grey striped jacket & 3-tiered skirt
9764 - Hoops
3791 - White with black piping
4737 - Girls' dress and drawers
5442 - Women's summer day dress
7212 - Pink plaid dress
3855 - Red plaid jacket & shirt
4400 - Red plaid day dress
4510 - Burgundy day dress with flounced hem
4551 - Yellow day dress
5023 - Men's Shirt and Trouser
5033 - Mid 19th Century Underwear
5035 - 19th Century Shirt and Trousers
5037 - Mid-19th Century Vest, Braces (Suspenders), and Cap


Male Presenting Patterns
4745  -  (men's uniform pattern... not bad....)

Discontinued/Out of Print (patterns should still available thru the McCall's website, or second-hand on Amazon, eBay or Etsy)
5129  -  Bonnet
4890  -  Men's vest - straight bottomed only
5132  -  Jackets & 2-tiered skirt
4698  -  Cape
3609  -  Camisole, pantaloons, corset, & hoops
5131  -  Girls dress & drawers


Female Presenting Patterns
5265  -  Short cape, bonnet, and muff - the skirt is not full enough for our time range.

Discontinued/Out of Print (patterns should still available thru the Butterick website, or second-hand on Amazon, eBay or Etsy)
5266  -  Red coat with black skirt
4210  -  Hats - view A & B
3648  -  Double-breasted jacket and pants
4540  -  Striped dress with front
3993  -  Man's caped coat ala Sherlock Holmes
4825  -  Working man's shirt
3721  -  Vest and cutaway jacket

Timeless Stitches
TSB-100  -  Basic Fitted Bodice
TSB-101  -  Basic Gathered Bodice
TSB-103  -  Tea Bodice
TSB-108  -  Wrap Bodice
SB-109    -  Basque Bodice
TSB-105  -  Zouave Jacket
TSB-120  -  Tucked Body
TSB-132  -  Sleeves
TSS-201  -  Standard Double Opening Skirt
TSS-207  -  Ruffled over skirt
TSO-402  -  Pelerine Cloak
TSO-404  -  Simple Mantle
TSA-525  -  Medici Belt
TSD-301  -  Two Tiered Tea Dress
TSA-532  -  19th Century Pinafores
TSD-310  -  Girl's Basic Dress
TSD-312  -  Girl's Yoked Dress
TSM-727  -  Men's Civilian Trousers

Truly Victorian (Available locally at Lacis in Berkeley)

TV141  -  Cage Crinoline
TV240  -  1860s Ball Gown Skirt
TV243  -  1843 Tablier Skirt
TV244  -  1859 Double skirt
TV246  -  1851 Petal Ballgown skirt
TV440  -  1859 Pagoda Bodice
TV441  -  1861 Garibaldi Blouse
TV443  -  1860-61 dress bodices
TV456  -  1856 Gathered dress

Laughing Moon

Female Presenting Patterns
#100  -  Ladies' Victorian Underwear - 2 Corsets, chemise, and drawers -
               Liz's favorite corset pattern
#111  -  Ladies Early 1860s Day Dress
#114  -  Ladies' Round Dresses - 1840s-1852

Male Presenting Patterns
#106  -  California Pants
#107  -  Men's Victorian & Edwardian Shirt (1845-1920)
#109  -  Men's Frock Coats & Two Vests (1850 - 1915)
               REVISED: Now Includes Single-Breasted version

Past Patterns

Caveat: READ the directions carefully on these patterns. They often give directions to hand-sew the entire garment and use very small seam allowances. Many thanks to Alexandria for the reviews of these patterns.

Female Presenting Patterns
700  -  1850-1862 Fashionable Skirt
701  -  1850-1867 Gathered and Fitted Bodices
              Nice - the bodice lines are wonderful for us. Challenge beginner - intermediate skills.
702  -  1850s-1863 Dart Fitted Bodices. Good lines, nice sleeves that are not over the top.
             Fit in the shoulder and armscye is key to this looking good.
             Works well with skirt 700 or 800.
703  -  1863 Dayton's Skirt Supporting Corset. A good corset pattern. 
             Advanced intermediate challenge.
705  -  Early-to Mid-Nineteenth Century Stays. Can be side boned or corded.
             Yes, that is a maternity corset. I wore this pregnant at Dickens and was very happy
              with the comfort it provided my belly.
706  -  1850s-1860s Drawers. Good basics, a beginner can make them.
             Also a great place to perfect your tucking skills.
707  -  Two Chemises 1850-1870. Advanced beginner challenge.
708  -  1840s - 1880s Corset: Good pattern - it takes a bit of fiddling to get the gores to look
              pretty. Nice fit especially if you have a lot of hipspring.
              Larger bust sizes require extra boning.
709  -  1850s-Late 1860s Garibaldi Shirt: My favorite Garibaldi pattern. Advanced beginner -
             intermediate skills. The sleeves are very full.
800  -  1840- 1850 Flounced or Single Skirt
801  -  1840- 1850 Fan Front Bodice. Awesome look - good for those with a short waist
             hoping to look a bit more elongated. Intermediate challenge - the gathers are easy,
             make sure that the armscye has a good fit. As it closes in the back, either a friend to help
             with fittings or a good dress form is essential.
803  -  Mid Nineteenth Century Everyday Round Dress. Comfortable! Making a muslin is
             essential to getting a flattering fit at the waist and bust.
             Great for lower class striving character.
808  -  Sacque and Petticoat. Yes, this is a great line for the Expecting. Easy intermediate.
812  -  A Sheer Muslin Dress Circa 1858-1864. Amazing amount of historical background
             included. Nice lines. Fitting required!

Male Presenting Patterns
006  -  1800-1890s Men's Drawers: Easy and very period for those who want to be comfortable
             even in their wool trousers
007  -  Two Mid-Nineteenth Century Shirts: Sized up to 50"chest, intermediate skills.
009  -  Double-Breasted Summer Paletot:great look  - not just for summer. Appropriate with
             lighter weight wools and most linens. Extra extra yardage to match plaids.
016  -  Men's Winter Trousers with or without Foot Straps: Circa 1843-1856.
            Intermediate skills. Test your plaid matching skills.
018  -  A Single-Breasted Shawl Collar Summer Waistcoat for Plain or Formal Dress:
            Fashionable Circa 1845 to 1858.  Not just for summer - pick a lighter weight festive
            cloth for our Christmas festivities. A skilled beginner could complete this.
710/713  -  Classic Plain-Cut Summer Trousers of the Mid-19th Century 1851-
             The first is for most regular sizes, the second big and tall. Great look for Dickens,
              intermediate sewing skills.


PF0222  -  Vintage Vests -

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