The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party - 36th Season


Prepare for the Fair

New to Dickens' London? Let us show you how to find your way around!

The World of Charles Dickens

Learn about our progenitor Mr. Dickens, his works, and their significance.

Performing or Working at the Fair

Interested in working or performing at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair? Learn about registration, workshops, costume approval, and a host of other information at:

Public & Participant Costume Guidelines
How to Volunteer
Help Promote the Fair

Info on promotional events, as well as flyers & logos

Central London Telegraph

Send a telegram to anyone at the Fair! Come by our booth at the Fair, and order your very own custom telegraph. It will be delivered in person by one of our officious telegraph kids, read aloud, and given with a flourish to the guest of honor!

Telegraph senders with romantic intentions may opt to have their message accompanied by a single long-stemmed rose.