The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party



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Drive Thru Dickens' London

Tickets On Sale Now!

Drive Thru Dickens’ London

3 Weekends, Saturdays & Sundays, December 4 - December 19, 2021
at the The Cow Palace Lower Exhibition Halls
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM (last vehicle entry at 5 PM)

This is a drive-thru-only event. We look forward to returning to our indoor event next year!

Entry is $25.00 per vehicle (includes all vehicle occupants).

Join us for a decidedly different Dickens Christmas event this season. Drive Thru Dickens’ London is a taste of The Great Dickens Christmas Fair experienced from the comfort of your car! Enjoy street scenes and enchanting tableaus from 'A Christmas Carol', lively music, an enticing selection of hearty English foods, and handcrafted holiday gifts available for purchase as you drive through an outdoor version of the Fair’s Grand Concourse!

To Purchase Tickets:

  1. Purchase your Vehicle Ticket Now! (A Vehicle Ticket includes all occupants. This is a drive-thru only event. We look forward to returning to our indoor event next year!)
  2. Select an available day and entry time. (Note: some arrival dates and times may already be fully booked - so order early!)
  3. Please Note: Vehicle Tickets may only be purchased in advance before arrival at the event entrance. No vehicles with more than 7 occupants will be admitted (see full list of rules and regulations below).

Upon Arrival:

  1. Follow signs and enter at the MAIN COW PALACE ENTRANCE, 2600 Geneva Blvd., Daly City, CA 94014.
  2. Present your paper or digital Vehicle Ticket to the attendant, receive your free program/menu handout, and follow the signs. 
  3. Review the program/menu handout to make your food and gift selections available for purchase.
  4. Tune your radio receiver to the FM frequency provided in your program for audio broadcast from the live performances!
  5. A cashier will take your order and place a number on your vehicle's windshield.
  6. Make your way down the ramp and around to the lower exhibition halls for arrival at the Grand Concourse, where your ordered items will be delivered to you carside.
  7. Follow signs and parking attendant directions to the Coventry Garden Drive-Up Theatre, where you are invited to watch an ongoing selection of entertainments while remaining in your car, or choose to proceed directly to the exit to enjoy your Dickensian delights at home.

Event Rules & Regulations:

  • Tickets must be purchased online, in advance.
  • No vehicles with more than 7 occupants or over 20 feet in length. No trailers, RVs or passenger buses.
  • No entry by foot. All persons must attend and remain in their vehicles except to use the portable toilets on site (please wear a mask while outside your vehicle).
  • Any alcoholic beverages purchased must be consumed on site. One beverage per valid California I.D only. No outside alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the premises.


1. Is Drive Thru Dickens’ London safe?

Drive Thru Dickens’ London is a contactless, socially distanced event that follows all COVID-19 safety protocols required by the State of California and San Mateo County Health.

2. Where can I purchase tickets?

The only place to buy tickets is through our website. Tickets go on sale November 1.

3. Is the Vehicle Ticket refundable?

Vehicle Tickets are non-refundable, except if Drive-Thru Dickens’ London is cancelled.

4. We came when the weather wasn’t ideal, can we get our money back?

This is a rain or shine event. We do not offer any refunds due to inclement weather.

5. Can I change the date and time of my ticket?

Yes, based on availability of date and times. Please contact eTix customer support.

6. Can I buy tickets at the event?

No. Drive Thru Dickens’ London Vehicle Tickets must be purchased in advance on-line (tickets go on sale here November 1). Space is limited, so order early to reserve your day/time selection.

7. I can’t find my hard copy of my vehicle ticket, what do I do?

Log into your Etix account using the email and password you created at checkout. That will take you directly to your tickets. You can screenshot the scan code from there, or print it out if you prefer. If you need additional help, please visit eTix customer support.

8. What if the event is cancelled after I  purchase my ticket?

If Drive Thru Dickens’ London is cancelled for any reason, 100% of the full ticket purchase amount will be refunded to the credit card used during the original purchase. This guarantee exclusively applies to event cancellation and does not cover any other reasons why you may not be able to attend the event.

9. Where do I find my Vehicle Ticket after purchase?

Vehicle Tickets are available for purchase online here only, starting on November 1. After you purchase your ticket(s), you will be taken to a Thank-You page with a link to your Vehicle Ticket. Your tickets will also be emailed to the email address you entered at checkout. 

10. Do I need to bring a hard copy of my ticket?

No. Upon arrival, you may present your Vehicle Ticket to the parking attendant via your mobile device OR printed hard copy.

11. Do I need to be in a vehicle to attend?

Yes! This is a drive-thru event and no one outside of a vehicle will be permitted.

12. Can we have people in our truck bed?

No. Everyone will need to be inside of the vehicle with available seat belts.

13. Can we pull a trailer through the event?

No. Trailers will not be allowed into Drive Thru Dickens’ London.

14. Is alcohol permitted?

No outside alcohol may be brought into the event. For those 21 and older, a fine selection of alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase, and must be consumed or disposed of prior to departure from the event.

15. Can I  bring large groups of people in a van, RV or bus?

No vehicles with more than 7 occupants or over 20 feet are allowed. No trailers, RVs or passenger buses are allowed.

16. Do you drive through in your own car? Can we rent a shuttle or golf cart at the event?

Guests must travel through the event in the comfort of their own vehicle. No rentals will be provided.

17. How long does it take to drive through Drive Thru Dickens’ London?

Please allow at least one hour to make your way through the event.

18. Since I am in my vehicle, will I be allowed to smoke?

No. Smoking of any kind is not allowed while on the premises.

19. Are pets allowed?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring along your furry friends. Pets and people must remain in their vehicles unless they are in the designated stopping area for portable toilets. A pet “rest area” will be provided. Please clean up after your pet.

20. How do I access the audio available via my FM radio?

Tune your vehicle’s FM radio to the frequency provided in your program/menu handout.

21. Will I be able to get out of my vehicle to go to the restroom?

Yes; however, due to social distancing guidelines, face masks must be worn when you exit your vehicle to use the portable restrooms (available in multiple locations).

22. Once we exit Drive Thru Dickens’ London, can we come back the same day?

Guests may not return after exiting the drive-thru event on the same day, without paying vehicle admission again. Tickets expire once guests enter the drive-thru event.

23. What forms of payment are accepted for on-site food and merchandise purchases?

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, credit cards, and debit cards.

For further questions, please contact [email protected]. Thank you.

Warning icon COVID-19 Warning

Because all guests will be required to remain in their vehicles, we are not requiring vaccinations or testing. However, if you or any in your party have a fever or are experiencing any other symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that those individuals stay home. 

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

By visiting Drive Thru Dickens’ London, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

Help keep each other healthy.