The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party - 20th Year At the Cow Palace



Download 2019 Children's Tour as PDF (available early November! 2018 Tour below)

It is winter! The holiday season has come to the most exciting city in all of England. Welcome to the London of Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria, where one will find amusements and diversions at every turn! As you enter look to your left and see that Fezziwig's Warehouse is hosting a party for all of Mr. Fezziwig's friends ~ and everyone is a friend to Mr. Fezziwig! Care for a dance? Join in! Learn to dance and play parlour games, or just watch the fun.
Begin your tour and turn right, away from Fezziwig's, and pass down the magnificent GRAND CONCOURSE where you will see our spectacular Christmas tree. Just opposite you will find the famed London Telegraph Office; here you can send a telegram to anyone in all of London and telegraph girls or boys will run from one end of the city to the other to hand-deliver your message! Step into the Patterson & Sons Merchandise shop and meet our Silhouette artist, who can cut your likeness out of paper in less than 5 minutes. Continue down the lane and stop by Mrs. Piper’s Photo Parlour to pose for a portrait of family and friends. A couple of booths away you can peruse the magic wands at the Whirlwood Wands shop. Across from these, in the other doorway, stop by the authentic Sullivan’s Printing Press and watch as the typesetters lay in the tiles for a newspaper or calling card.
Passing through GRENADIERS GATE takes you to the dark and notorious LONDON DOCKS where you will find the Paddy West School of Seamanship. Try your hand at knot-making, be hoisted up into the rigging by a helpful sailor, and enjoy the lively shows on the Paddy West Stage.
Alicelongneck-dfwebContinue your wander past the Docks and into MAIDEN LANE and ALE HOUSE ALLEY where jewelry sparkles, exotic scents fill your nose, and hats and all manner of clothing abound. Do not miss Professor Flockmocker's Laboratory of mechanical wonders, to see if the flying machine is ready! Next, move on to the sign of the Pale Moon beneath the great green clock, where you can pick your own baubles to make a necklace or earrings as a gift for yourself or someone you love.
Pick up a bag of fresh hot Cinnamon Almonds ~ they are simply the tops! ~ from the almond cart as you head past Mad Sal’s Alehouse Theatre (Not for Children) and proceed on into GOLDEN SQUARE. Just inside the doorway you can choose a coin and have it stamped with your own special art to wear at the Coin Strike ~ cover your ears as it strikes! Here you will often encounter all manner of exotic musicians and dancers from all over Europe, eager to share their musical heritage! Parents can rest and warm themselves with a hot cup of coffee from Mr. Brown's Coffee House and a rousing round of darts at Bowman’s Dart Parlour. The real treasure you may find in GOLDEN SQUARE is Mr. Charles Dickens himself! The Dickens Family Parlour is there filled with his large, rambunctious family and oft times Mr. Dickens can be seen heading the family dinner table. Take a peek, and compare his dinners to your own family dinners!
Mr. Dickens' neighborhood down NICKELBY ROAD is an auspicious place indeed. Here you will also find wonderful colorful clothing for all ages and beautiful handmade glass objects d’art. Hurry down the lane to Nana’s Nursery or Velvet Bedlam for beautifully crafted children’s clothing for all the children in your discerning Victorian family, and in PETTICOAT LANE, have your hair braided at Adorn Thy Hair. Then find the royal Adventurers Club where notables like His Royal Highness Prince Albert, or the writer Rudyard Kipling reside, making plans for an upcoming adventure. Just beyond the Bramosia Chocolate Cart and the men’s haberdashery, continue on through the narrow doorway into CRATCHIT’S YARD where Dickens’ most famous character resides. Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge and the many Ghosts of Christmas will be found there, as well as magicians, jugglers, and variety acts aplenty!
FrogFootman-dfwebOn nearby FISH STREET you can feast on traditional British Fish & Chips. Don't miss HOLLYBERRY PARK where you will find the Corinthian Rose Fencing Academy providing the finest tutoring in swordsmanship for aspiring soldiers of the realm. Best of all, relax and share a refreshing pot of tea with the family at Cuthbert’s Tea Shoppe; here you may have peanut-butter & honey sandwiches or scones, and hot chocolate if you’ve been especially good!

After your tea, head straight back down FISH STREET towards The Pennygaff Stage. Across the way from the stage,you will see The Time Machine where you can settle into the red padded seat, reach for the brass controls, and envision your destination in another time and place. As you head towards the door, stop to observe the spectacular plans for the Crystal Palace Exhibition on display, then make your way through until you land in Fagin’s Den back in the LONDON DOCKS. Here you will find The Sweeps teaching climbing boys how to sweep a chimney, as well as Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger making full-time work of picking pockets and snatching hankies. Nearby Peeler’s Clink Jail will hold you or any thieves caught by Her Majesty’s Royal Constabulary – get locked in and take a photo.

Push on! Your tour is nearing the greatest point! Into TINSLEY GREEN, where Father Christmas makes his appearance and poses for pictures on the Father Christmas Stage at 1:00 daily ~ and don't miss the Punch & Judy Puppet Theatre. (Try not to encourage old Mr. Punch; he'll get into enough trouble all on his own!) Have some Mr. Punch's Pasta or a meat pie from Heritage Meat Pies and enjoy lunch while you watch a show. Create a gift by painting your own ceramic ornament at the Children's Painting Garden. Here you will also find fun with the Boot the Cat game; flip a chimney sweep into a chimney at Flip a Sweep; then pick up a paintbrush and help the Cards Paint the Roses Red so the Queen of Hearts doesn't see they planted the wrong color. See the spectacular Adventure Carousel and take a ride on your favorite animal! Next door to the carousel is a garden where you can make and take home your own Fairy Houses. And don’t miss freshly baked warm cookies at Maclaren’s Cookies & Milk or a visit to B & P Confectionary & Toy Shoppe!

HatterBreadAndButter-dfwebNearing your final destinations! Jog your merry way into PICKWICK PLACE, where you will find more eateries. Across the way, try your hand at the miraculous mechanical Candy Machine, where everyone wins a prize! Down BELLRINGER'S ROW you will find Nuyens Portraits, where you can pause to be skillfully sketched. Next door don’t miss the production of The Surprising Tale of Baron Munchausen & Mopsa the Fairy at the Victoria & Albert Theatre ~ enjoy a box of freshly-popped popcorn, and take any seat!
You are once again near the entrance to the city, but you will probably want to retrace your steps to visit whatever you missed on the first go 'round!

Happy Holidays!