The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party


Words of heartfelt gratitude from those who have so very much enjoyed Dickens Fair at Home...

We are sincerely touched by the many thank-you emails received at [email protected] and on social media for our Dickens Fair at Home program. We are delighted that the creative work of our team has touched Dickens Christmas Fair fans so deeply. Our intention was to create a gift of Dickensian delights for our patrons and participants alike, and to find a way to support our small business partners ~ the handcraft artists who are the heart and soul of the Fair ~ through the ongoing closure of all craft events. The response from guests, artists, and media alike has exceeded our wildest dreams...

From Patrons, via email and social media:

“...We looked forward every week to the new links that opened.  We cried, we laughed, we celebrated - even as we are apart this year from what is really and truly Christmas for our family - attending the Fair each year!”  ~  BB

“...Just writing this made me start to cry with gratitude. I cannot tell you how many times this month you have lifted my spirits, made me clap, sing, laugh and cheer. I shared so much of what you so brilliantly assembled here for us, the residents of Victorian London who gather with you each year. You captured the wide-ranging Dickens Fair experience in your choices of audio, video, readings, recipes, and artist links. It has been as close to being there as we can possibly get. have made it possible for so many people who can't be there in person, pandemic or not, because of health, financial, logistical and other barriers. That gift will last forever.”  ~  KS

“...THANK YOU ...for all the work you put into bringing Dickens Fair cheer to the community virtually this difficult year.”  ~  Bubbles

“...There just aren’t enough words to express my thanks and great pleasure for the wonderful “Dickens Fair at Home” site you’ve come up with this year. Like so many who have frequented the Dickens Fair for years, we spent this season at home and indoors. I missed the Fair and all the activity. But in its place, this was a marvelous offering. I loved every minute of every presentation and item. It was just what I needed. I can’t imagine the total effort needed to put this site and all the items together, but it is well appreciated. Please, please express my sincere and deepest thanks to all those concerned who made this possible. Well done!”  ~  WT

“...Dear Dickens Fair Folk: I have visited the fair in costume off and on for years since it first began, and in this distressing year your mailings were so deeply appreciated. This was a hard year for me outside of even the Pandemic, and I live alone, so Christmas promised to be bleak. Your emails were little bright moments of light - I listened to the reading of Christmas Carol, watched the dancers and the sea chantey performances, made your wonderful cinnamon almonds (two batches for friends and neighbors!), and watched with fascination the video of building the Fair from bare concrete boxes to 1850s London streets.

All of this was a delight, and made me connect with the season in a very happy way. Not as wonderful as actually being there, of course, but still a great way to feel a bit of Christmas spirit while keeping safe at home! Thank you so much for your generosity in doing this... and I hope to see you in person next year.”  ~  LB

“Happy Christmas and thank you so much for carrying on the tradition during the year of the plague. After many years of enjoying the Fair in person with our children, this year, we have enjoyed many favorites online, old (Her Majesty, Charles Dickens, Jim Chimney, Edgar Allan Poe, Father Christmas, the hammered dulcimer, sounds of the Dickens Fairs, songs around the piano) and new (Bangers & Mash, the Christmas Parlour, Victorian toys and parlour games, stories about holiday traditions). All have added to the enjoyment of the season for our whole family.”  ~  SP

“Our tradition since 2015, has been to fly to California to join our daughter and her family and  attend the Dickens Fair. Our holiday family photo has been taken at the Fair each year and our granddaughters who are now 2 and 6 wear dresses purchased at the Fair. Thank you for providing the virtual memories of the Fair this year and we hope to be able to see the performers once again  in person in  Old London in 2021!”  ~ WB

"Dickens Fair Folks,

I just wanted to give you all a big THANK YOU for producing this year’s virtual fair. Living in Austin now it was going to be difficult to make it the Cow Palace when I was to return for the holidays, but with COVID, I didn’t get that opportunity. Being alone here and away from family for the first Christmas in 50 years was a strange experience. The virtual Dickens Fair brought home a little closer. Each week I looked forward to the release of new information and shows. Made the almonds and snickerdoodles and, on Christmas Eve, I streamed the entire reading of A Christmas Carol. All of this certainly meant a lot." ~DA

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