The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party
2020 Season Postponed Join Us in 2021 at the Historic Cow Palace!
The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party


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In lieu of gathering in person this year, we invite you to enjoy the simple pleasures of "Dickens Fair at Home" as our holiday gift to you - see below!

Each weekend, and on Christmas Eve, we will release new content here - see dates below.

  • Invoke the spirits of Christmas Past and Christmas Present with "A Christmas Carol" read by Mr. Dickens himself.
  • Gather to sing in the parlour, or dance in the kitchen! Find favorite Fair music, videos, and the one and only Coventry Carolers in spirited song!
  • Discover delicious recipes from merry old England and serve up holiday favorites with Dickensian flair!
  • Entice your creative spirit (and young hearts) to make playful holiday gifts with instruction from Fair artists.

And we invite you to…

  • Shop online for hand crafted gifts to delight both family and friends...and to help our artist community by purchasing from a crafts community that is struggling through the cancellation of a year's worth of events.

Peruse the schedule below to plan for your fun!

Weekend 1 - The Grand Concourse

Begin your holiday season with this selection of Dickensian Delights...

Robert Oval Portrait DFH

A warm holiday welcome from our namesake, the illustrious author Mr. Charles Dickens
Pavliger Queen 2018 DFH
Her Majesty Queen Victoria's annual Christmas Message to Her Royal Subjects
“A Christmas Carol, in Prose: Being a Ghost Story of Christmas” with illustrations by John Leech

A beloved part of the literary canon – and for many an indispensable part of the holiday season, this tale embodies the goodwill associated with the Christmas season – and the Victorians’ favorite elements of a good Christmas story: ghosts!

"A Christmas Carol," Part One - a Reading by Charles Dickens

Over the course of our five weekends and on Christmas Eve, Mr. Dickens has agreed to read his tale in its entirety! As was the custom of the day, his oration will be serialized. Gather 'round on this, our first weekend's installment.

The Coventry Carolers sing "Carol of the Bells"

Led by maestro Bob Crabb, the Coventry Carolers invite you into the holiday season with a lovely rendition of this English classic.

"Carol of the Bells" Sheet Music download

Join in the merriment and sing along with the Coventry Carolers from the comfort of your own parlour!

Bangers & Mash Band play "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear"

Dance along in triple time to this mainstay of Mr. Fezziwig's Christmas party in the warehouse.

Cinnamon Almonds Recipe

Recreate this Dickens Fair favorite - crunchy, sweet, and fragrant Cinnamon Almonds.

'What to Look For in Antique Books'

A most rewarding and genteel of endeavours, absorb these tips from antiquarian Gerald Webb, Proprietor of the Fitz-Gerald Manor Shop.

Artist Jordan Monsell Demonstrates how to Cut a Silhouette Portrait

Have paper and scissors? Study a master of this charming Victorian art form, then try your own hand at capturing a loved one’s profile.

Traditional Egg Nog Recipe

Frothy and smooth, this no-cook eggnog is delicious with or without brandy and rum.

A gift of Zoom backgrounds to use and share!

Enliven your video gatherings with a virtual background from within the Great Dickens Christmas Fair.

Weekend 2 - Petticoat Lane

Discover fine foods, delightful music, timeless crafts, and learn tid-bits about the homelife of Mr. Dickens and his family…

Nana's Nursery demonstrates “How to Make a Pomander”

Create a keepsake of sweet-smelling herbs and spices to place in a closet, drawer, or room to perfume the air.

"A Christmas Carol," Part Two - a Reading by Charles Dickens

Delight in the second installment of Charles Dickens’ timeless holiday tale read by the author himself.

Glenn Morgan Plays the Hammer Dulcimer

Marvelous and unusual acoustic music from the streets of the Fair.

"Building the Great Dickens Christmas Fair"

Join us as we draw back the curtain and share an intimate look at how we build our Londontown each year.

A Recipe for Hard Sauce to accompany your holiday Rum Cake

A traditional topping and the crowning glory to Christmas plum pudding, rum cake or gingerbread.

Grace Morgan of Dancing Flame Candles Demonstrates "Candle Dipping & Carving"

See how to make a multicolored, multilayered carved candle to light your holiday nights.

A History of Wheat Weaving

Fifth generation Welsh Wheat-Weaver and Fair artist for many years, Morgyn Ownes-Celli shares some lore about this ancient, traditional art form.

 Visit the new Dickens Fair Souvenir Shop!

Weekend 3 - Tinsley Green

Find holiday wonders for the wee ones, and all those still children at heart...

This content will be released on December 5.

Punch & Judy - Oh, Yes it Is!

Laugh, call, and respond to the antics of Mr. Punch and Judy in this traditional British-style puppet show.

"A Christmas Carol," Part Three - a Reading by Charles Dickens

Mr. Dickens continues reading his fantastical yarn of ghostly encounters, redemption and goodwill.

Bramble Jam Tales

On long winter nights or early crisp mornings, share wee little tales for wee little friends.

Classic Snickerdoodle Cookies Recipe

A perennial favorite, the crackled cinnamon-sugar topping makes these a perfect accompaniment to a cuppa!

Nana's Nursery - Victorian Toys

Kaleidoscopes, Thaumatropes, and Phenakistoscopes, oh my!

Painting Garden Craft Project

Unleash your creativity and discover the pleasures of creating a special gift by hand.

December 6, St. Nicholas Day: Memories of Celebrating Saint Nicholas

Long before Britain’s Father Christmas and America’s Santa, there was SinterKlaas.

The Victorian Invention of Christmas Traditions

Why do we bring trees into our parlours?

Weekend 4 - Mad Sals Dockside Alehouse

Enjoy a bit of salty and sassy fun reminiscent of the ‘lower’ side of London… (not for the kiddies)

This content will be released on December 12.

Can-Can Bijou Perform at Mad Sal's

These raised skirts raised eyebrows in Victorian London.

"A Christmas Carol," Part Four - a Reading by Charles Dickens

Mr. Dickens continues his winter tale.

Music Hall at Mad Sal's

Clap, stomp and sing along with salacious Sal and her mates.

How to Roast Chestnuts at Home

Surprisingly, these delectable treats need not be roasted on an open fire...

The 1973 Dickens Christmas Fair: A Sound Journey

Close your eyes and be transported to the bustling streets of the Dickens Christmas Fair, circa 1973.

The Seadogs of Paddy West Sing Sea Shantys

Tap your toes and drop your aitches as these salty sailors sing their tantalizing tales of the High Seas!

Edgar Allen Poe

Mr. Poe performs his tales of the mysterious and macabre.

Edgar Allen Poe Performs The Zucchini Song

Lighter (and lascivious) fare from our gloomy resident poet.

Weekend 5 - Cratchits Yard

The holiday is nearly here! Create a new tradition and bake a proper Scone, or cook up the perfect ‘hard sauce’ for your Rum Cake!

This content will be released on December 19.

Victorian Christmas Cards

The Victorians invented them! Here is a gallery of some of the earliest and most beautiful.

"A Christmas Carol," Part Five - a Reading by Charles Dickens

Be moved to tears or to action as Mr. Dickens himself reads Part Five of his ghostly novella.

Nana's Nursery - Making Christmas Crackers

Create these festive table decorations filled with trinkets, toys - and oft times, terrible jokes or puns.

St. Cuthbert's Tea House Scone Recipe

Delightfully rich and flaky - a highly guarded secret until now!

The History of Tavistock House and the Dickens Family Parlour

Discover the London home of Mr. Charles Dickens and his family from 1851 to 1860 where he wrote Bleak House, Hard Times, Little Dorrit and A Tale of Two Cities.

Authentic Victorian Cooking Video - Christmas Pudding

Dark, sticky, and dense - this isn’t your mother’s fruitcake...

Ambience/ASMR Video: Victorian Christmas Parlour at Night

Are you familiar with the autonomous sensory meridian response? Created by Ambience of Yesteryear.

An Authentic Victorian Cooking Demonstration

Are you familiar with a pie jigger or sugar nips? Take a glimpse into a Victorian kitchen before the advent of electricity in the home.

"Why We Do This"

Explore behind the scenes through the heartfelt stories of the artists, actors and staff who breathe life into the Dickensian world we create together!


Christmas Eve - Fezziwigs Warehouse

Recall the legendary hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig’s as you create your own holiday party!

This content will be released on December 24.

Nana's Nursery - Christmas Eve

A holiday surprise

"A Christmas Carol" - Complete Reading by Charles Dickens

Grab a hot cuppa and settle in as Charles Dickens reads his timeless holiday story to you in its entirety!

The Hallejujah Chorus with the Fezziwig's Family

Join in good company and sing along!

Father Christmas Reads Children's Wishes and "The Night Before Christmas"

Sitting at home by a crackling fire, the old elf reads the classic poem, and a few choice letters...

From our parlour to yours, with warmest compliments of the Season!