Serendipity Leather

Serendipity Leather (Sara Feldkamp) Proudly offering Oberon Design leather & pewter handmade locally. Wallets, belts, handbags, iPod and Kindle covers, journals, and personal accessories are adorned with Celtic, Art Nouveau, and Naturalistic images. Timeless pewter treasures adorn hair, neck and ears in most excellent style.  Venetian glass pens, ink, seals & sealing wax complete a desk set that Mr. Dickens himself would be proud to own.


Peekaboo Masks

Artist In ResidencePeekaboo Masks (Mitchell Walker) Finely crafted leather mask designs offered by the great master himself, Mr. Mitchell Walker of London, at his establishment, Peekaboo-Masks. Yes, in this,"Day of Great Industry" there still exists fine craftsmanship and original design wrought not by mechanical means or kinetic manipulations, but by the hand and soul of the master craftsman.


Dancing Flame Candles

Artist In Residence

Dancing Flame Candles (Grace Morgan) The perfect holiday gift, hand-carved candles made before your eyes. Watch as candles are dipped and carved, and perhaps dip a candle yourself! Custom orders are available, as well as scented candles.

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